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Welcome to Xuru's Website. This site is devoted to maths, physics and computing.

Maths: My main interests in maths are related to fractional calculus, number theory and experimental mathematics.

Physics: My interests in physics are focused on fundamental physics.

Computing: My interests in computing are mainly related to my interests in maths and physics. I am also very interested in artificial intelligence, automated discovery, computability and complexity.

For now the website has five main sections. In the section of fractional calculus you can see my introductory notes on this subject. In the sections of regression tools and statistical tools, you can make use of some useful and easy to use regression and statistical tools online. In the section of MESearch you can download the amazing Mathematical Expression Searcher or constant recognition program I have developed. Finally, in the section of screensavers you can see some funny screensavers. I hope you will enjoy these pages.

  Note: This website is under continuous development and revision. If you write your email in the box below you will be noticed by a short mail every time that new material is added.

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