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Online Descriptive Statistics
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This page allows you to work out single variable descriptive statistics. Besides the mean, median, standard deviation and variance, it also calculates mean absolute deviation, geometric mean and standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, quartiles, standard errors of the estimated values, Anderson-Darling normality test, and some confidence intervals of the mean and of the standard deviation. Remember that if the data corresponds to a sample from a population (which is the usual case) the first column corresponding to n-1 degrees of freedom has to be used. Pay attention to the normality test, for the confidence intervals are calculated supposing that the distribution is normal. Finally, you can also see the data sorted.

Copy & Paste: You can copy and paste data directly from a spreadsheet or a tabulated data file in the box below. In the case you are using commas as decimal separators check the option below. The exponent can be indicated by preceding it by the character E or e, as you can see in the example. Remember that data must consist of a single column, you have to enter one number per line to get the descriptive statistics. 

Allow comma as decimal separator

Insert manually & See details: If you prefer you can insert all the values manually, for which you first have to specify the number of values. You also can see details of the calculation in this area.

Enter the number of values: